Pasta with peppers and anchovies

Pasta with peppers and anchovies

How to prepare pasta with peppers and anchovies

This summer recipe begins as always with the washing of the vegetables: clean the peppers, remove the stalk, seeds and internal filaments. Reduce them into strips.

In a pan, melt the anchovy fillets in a little hot extra virgin olive oil and add the chopped peppers. Cook over low heat and with the lid on for about 20 minutes, until the peppers are soft. Fast cooking maintains the good flavor of the summer vegetable.

Take part of the peppers and create a sauce with the hand blender, also adding the anchovy paste.

In the meantime, prepare the pasta: cook it in little or no salty water, as the anchovies will take care of giving flavor to the dish. After draining, finish the last two minutes of cooking in the pan, with the pieces of pepper and the pepper and anchovy sauce, adding a couple of ladles of cooking water to mix everything. In this way our first course is further flavored by enhancing the ingredients and their whole.

Variants to the recipe

The pepper and anchovy pasta can be varied in different ways, by changing the sauce according to the tastes and inspiration of the cook. We propose three of them below that can be a starting point on how to cook an excellent pasta with peppers.

  • Vegetarian version. You can eliminate the anchovies and use plenty of pecorino to create a delicious pasta with vegetarian pepper sauce. In this case, remember to add salt to the pasta cooking water.
  • Roasted peppers.If you're barbecuing, you can grill your peppers and use roasted peppers instead of pan-cooked ones.
  • Almonds. For an even tastier version you can add some chopped almonds to the sauce, preferably lightly toasted.

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