In the garden without mosquitoes

In the garden without mosquitoes

In the garden during the summer months the work is hard due to the heat, but there is another torment that often haunts the horticulturist: mosquito bites. These insects are often found near crops and are particularly attracted to the heated body of those who are working.

Methods of prevention

A good idea to not have mosquitoes around is to prevent the problem by avoiding the proliferation of insects. Chemical-based pest control should be avoided: it would mean spreading harmful substances into the garden or surrounding environment that are certainly not compatible with organic cultivation.

A basic rule of prevention is to avoid creating the ideal habitat for the proliferation of mosquitoes. In particular, in the garden, rainwater collection bins can become real means of mass diffusion. For this reason, the bins should never be abandoned full and open: it takes a lot of attention to keep them covered, always closing them when water is taken. If you cannot keep the bins closed, we recommend treating them with products based on bacillus thuringensis, a non-toxic substance for humans and pets but lethal for larvae.

To have fewer mosquitoes, it is also useful not to let tall grass grow in the lawns adjacent to the vegetable garden and to avoid the formation of stagnant water pools.

Then there are systems for capturing mosquito larvae that allow to prevent insects from multiplying through reproduction. It is one of the most effective and ecological prevention systems, we will talk about it shortly in an ad hoc article.

Drive away mosquitoes during work

Spray repellents (such as the famous Off and Autan) are not a good idea if you go to cultivate your garden: digging or hoeing in the sun you sweat profusely, quickly washing off the anti mosquito repellent and nullifying the repulsive effect.

A solution proposed by No Fly Zone that can be very useful: Acti Zanza Break portable. This device works by heating special insecticide plates thanks to a can of butane gas. In this way, an insecticide is spread in the air that can safely and effectively protect 15/20 square meters, ideal for those who are cultivating a vegetable garden. For a good effectiveness it is necessary to switch on Acti Zanza Break about ten minutes before starting to work. Being a light device, not bulky and independent of electricity, it is conveniently portable.

There are also plants that are said to repel mosquitoes: the most famous are lemongrass and geraniums, but also many aromatic herbs seem to be unwelcome to these insects, for example lavender, rosemary, basil. Not all of these plants are really repellent, for example there is no proven effect on lemongrass. Among the various repellent plant species, catambra is one of the most effective, it contains catalpolo molecules harmful to mosquitoes. The problem with all these natural bollards is that they all have a very limited effect in terms of range, so it is unthinkable to defend a vegetable garden by planting some plants.

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